It’s ok to say NO.


Really, it is. In fact, there will be times when your gut instinct pulls at your miles of intestine and says – Hey…DON’T DO IT! Just say no.

Ever have one of those times? I keep running into them like a little bulldozer in an appointment-only, China shop. You’d think by my age, I’d listen to my inner voice, but nope. I clearly don’t. At least, until I made a pact and promise to myself after this past weekend slapped me in the face with a nice car accident while trying to be kind and help someone.

I just had to say ‘no’. If I had, he’d have been fine with it and all would be well. It’s my pleaser-self that seems to force me to do what I really don’t want to do even if the Universe screams at me not to. This isn’t the first time, either.

Now…finally…after doing this over and over and wondering why the hell bad things happen to me when I’m trying to be nice – I’ve learned my lesson. Oh, I’ll still be nice but when the warning bells go off like those midnight car alarms, I’m going to listen and say – NO.

Funny…that was my very first word as a baby. Does anyone see the irony, here?

Remember: N O .

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