This Day, Last Year.

One year ago to the day, Tara and I sat with Brian at the VGH Emergency check in for about 7-8 hours to have him committed to the PAU (Psychiatric Assessment Unit). For five days he was locked in there. It was a Saturday. The Friday night, before, he’d set up everything to end his life. He’d had a last meal; his fav…bacon & eggs and chocolate cake. He’d left a note on the door, had changed his will and left a note for Tara. Everything was in order.

At the last minute, due to the constant texting and calling of Tara and I – he called her and said through tears: “Guess what I’m doing?”

This was his rock bottom for the second time in less than half a year. This was his spiral downward to the bottomless pit of doom that he’s created for himself. So, we checked him in. They took hours and hours but finally committed him, took all of his treasures away (clothes, iPhone, wallet, money, keys…) and gave it to us to look after.

I can’t even begin to imagine his embarrassment and humiliation but we stood by him and took shifts in visiting him; Tara by day, me by evening.

It kept him alive for an extra two weeks as he struggled to cope and did his best to recover.

We brought him fresh things to wear under the prison-like PJ’s (he jokingly called them his crazy clothes), food, coke, things to read and I even brought his little chess set and we played a bit when I was there. I still have that chess set of his.

Half way through, he was moved out and up to another ward which meant they felt he was doing better. He even chatted up a few others there and made some unlikely short-term friends. Well…sort of.

He didn’t like the food, much, so we made sure he had plenty of the things he loved; juice, coke, chocolate, I bought him dinner several nights in a row. I remember he was bored out of his skull because they didn’t allow his cell phone, there, so he went through several books.

I’ll never forget it. The weather was summer-like. Parking there wasn’t as bad as I’d thought and it was very close to where he’d lived. There have been times when I’ve had to drive by the area and felt such anxiety over the memories. I try and avoid VGH if I can.

I was helpless. Nothing I did really made much difference, at least…I don’t think it did. All I could do was love him, keep the Beacon of Hope lit, be there for him, spend time with him, bring him whatever he wanted and was allowed to have in there.

He was on a few anxiety drugs and anti-depressants. They didn’t do him any good at all. They made him jittery and he was as fearful as ever.

I don’t think I ever loved him so much. I was so proud that he fought so hard to keep it together. I can’t imagine what he went through. I don’t think I’d have done half as well had it been me. His struggle sucked up so much of his energy and when I saw him he looked like a little boy; fragile and wide-eyed, timid yet sweet and soft spoken.

He was so scared; so were we.

This past month has been one big lead up to the day he took his life and my emotions are so raw. I can recall so much of those 5 days but the next 6 months after May 11th is a complete blur. I do recall going to Australia for two weeks but that’s about it.

At the end of all of this, we still have to go on. We still look to thrive and must find some light at the end of our own dark tunnel.

I imagine what it’s like on the other side. I imagine it being so filled with beauty and light.

My newness to digital art makes my fractal creations somewhat primitive compared to those that actually know what they’re doing. I manipulate them and blend them in Photoshop to resemble things I can relate to as best I can. I ‘think’ I’m getting better and hope that I am.

I imagine I’d like to have a tree of light, over there; one where he and I could sit and talk and work things out. There’s so much I long to understand. Even just to tell him, in person, how much I miss him…


Pretty Things

Like most girls, I like pretty things; soft colours, quiet moments and seashells on the back of the toilet.

I think everyone knows that’s where they go. I don’t have any seashells there, presently, but I used to. It’s a chick thing; ask anyone.

When I discovered fractals, I viewed some beautiful work. I am not even close to being able to create anything like what I’ve seen, but it’s great fun to do. The BF says I’m addicted. I mention that if this is so, I could be addicted to a lot worse things. He agrees.

Think summer; think a gentle hot breeze sending dandelion seeds drifting into the hazy air in mid afternoon. Think flowers in full bloom and the scent of fresh cut grass that lingers in the air. Ice cream. Think ice cream melting down your chin as you glisten in the early evening sun. See the soft glow hanging over the sea; listen…you can hear the waves if you try real hard.

Think English gardens trimmed to perfection with deep coloured roses and perfumed petals that feel like velvet between your fingers.

Think butterflies dancing their slow, almost drunk, waltz to the music of the earth only they can hear.

Flutter Bye


For most of my life, I’ve felt separate and different. So much so that it’s as if there are bits of me scattered all about and occasionally I manage to come together to make life work.

My passions are all over the place. I’ve worked in technology for years in the company of minds that are logical, centered, pragmatic and very focused. Then there’s me…bringing these people together to convey complex information to likeminded others so that business can be done.

Professional Engineers, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Geologists, and Mining Engineers…the list goes on. I’d be lying if I said I can relate but to some extent, I do understand. At least, the big picture.

That’s how I work, I connect the pieces of puzzles together to convey the larger aspects of what it is that we want to accomplish. But that’s not really me…those technical brains don’t work the same way mine does. I barely understand the technology that I sell, so I rely on my technical peeps to help out. That’s their job, mine …is to make the magic happen.

All that being said, I LOVE and adore technology! I kind of get how it’s made and how it all works but only on a very high level.

But still, this isn’t really me. I’d much rather dabble in the arts. I’d much rather write poems/stories, take pictures, make cool fractals and meditate. An energy healer and intuitive – these things are also part of my make-up.

And…I also sing. Oddly enough, this is what I paid lots of money in college to learn how to do. Ha! I’m told I’m pretty good at it but it’s not where I make my living and my boyfriend doesn’t always appreciate me serenading him. My cat…hates it.

I think there is opportunity to find myself and possibly un-fragment who I need to be in this world but it’s going to take time, patience and belief on my part.

Sometimes I feel like a Picasso painting – all over the place and rather random, but also interestingly put together, different, and possibly worth getting to know.

Or not…

Picasso and I are not everyone’s cup of tea. 😉

Either way, it’s who I’m claiming as the real ME. I’m okay with it. I’m cool with not fitting in or being part of the norm. In fact, I rather like it. All the really neat people are sitting on the fringe. Not that engineers are not ‘neat’; in fact, they’re super cool. They are just part of a different fringe. I think there are many.

It takes our differences to make the world go ‘round. But it’s our likenesses that allow us to coalesce. We all have some commonalities that connect us. Just like a Picasso – different, yet connected.

**note that I’m not comparing my fragile attempts at fractals to Picasso! Just that this particular one reminded me of his work.

Moonlit Picasso

I’ll See You in the Afterlife

I believe in life after life. Or…life before life (depending on how you look at it). Some say that the ‘afterlife’ is our true home and our 3D Earth plane is simply a place to experience things we can’t as well as learn and grow.

I don’t have all the answers. I can only say what resonates with me. Sometimes in the chaos of grief and death, we find beauty and inspiration.

This is for you, Bri.


Welcome to My Garden

I imagine the fey playing round in soft swirls of light; a dance among spring petals and fresh-smelling, warm earth.

Let your imagination move a little. Hell, let it FLY and soar into unknown and uncharted air waves and celestial vibrations. Stop and listen for a while. Turn off your daily thoughts of business, coffee, that meeting you’re late for and taking the kids to their soccer practices and…


One inhale and exhale at a time.

Take a little ‘me’ time and indulge your senses with playful spirits, faeries, gnomes and elves. Believe (if only for a few moments) that ANYthing is possible.

Go on. I dare ya.


Paint the Gardens