Pretty Things

Like most girls, I like pretty things; soft colours, quiet moments and seashells on the back of the toilet.

I think everyone knows that’s where they go. I don’t have any seashells there, presently, but I used to. It’s a chick thing; ask anyone.

When I discovered fractals, I viewed some beautiful work. I am not even close to being able to create anything like what I’ve seen, but it’s great fun to do. The BF says I’m addicted. I mention that if this is so, I could be addicted to a lot worse things. He agrees.

Think summer; think a gentle hot breeze sending dandelion seeds drifting into the hazy air in mid afternoon. Think flowers in full bloom and the scent of fresh cut grass that lingers in the air. Ice cream. Think ice cream melting down your chin as you glisten in the early evening sun. See the soft glow hanging over the sea; listen…you can hear the waves if you try real hard.

Think English gardens trimmed to perfection with deep coloured roses and perfumed petals that feel like velvet between your fingers.

Think butterflies dancing their slow, almost drunk, waltz to the music of the earth only they can hear.

Flutter Bye

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