Month-End Madnes

In sales, life is never a walk in the park. There are clients to pester into buying something from you, problems to solve and of course…a target to hit.

Yup. And that is where the stress lies, pretty much all of it, too.

As a reseller, I have two companies I have to please, the one I work for and the one who makes said product that I sell. It gets even more complicated when both companies have different year-ends and quarter-ends. The agendas change.

There is nothing worse than someone emailing you a billion times a day asking:

Are they going to buy? Did they buy? When are they going to buy? How can we make them buy?

Are we there yet….??!!

I’m a professional. I hate to bug the shit out of my clients. It’s month end, but it’s month end for them, too. Also, it should be known that my own boss doesn’t do this to me…it’s the company that does the making (developing) of the product that I sell.

But I’m reasonable, plus I’d kinda like to get the sale through, too. Not that I haven’t been following up for the past MONTH with all of my opportunities, but hey…last day of the month and all.

So. The dude (who works for the company who makes the stuff I sell) says to me:

“You need to call them up, now, and find out why they won’t buy.”

I say back…

“I did, I know why and I already told you, but I also don’t want to pester the crap out of my clients.”

And he goes on with…

“Isn’t that your job?”

I respond…

“No, it’s my job to be professional with my clients and help them decide the best options for THEM.”


Another mediocre sales month, but onwards and upwards, right?

Positive thinking! Yeah, that’s the ticket. 😉

And LOVE, can't forget that one.

And LOVE, can’t forget that one.

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