3 responses to “Just Wanna Feel Numb…

  1. Hi, I was one of Brian’s friends in Victoria. I went to school with him from grade 8 onwards, and we remained good friends after school. We worked at the same office for 6 months or so before he got into trading, and I am good friends with Tara as well.
    I am writing to thank you for caring so much about Brian, and I wished that I could have been there for him more at his time of trouble. If you ever need to chat (I know that sounds really creepy coming from a stranger), or ask any questions about Brian’s earlier life I am here. You are not alone (damn this gets creepier as I type). I guess what I want to say is that I am thinking of Brian and the people that he has touched in his life, that cared deeply for him, and that I too feel the hurt……
    (Grrr… Sorry I tried to use my Facebook login, but it didn’t work so I used my Twitter)

  2. Hey there,

    Thank you for reaching out, it’s not creepy at all. 🙂

    I love(d) him dearly…even though our relationship was brief; it was extremely intense/wonderful. I don’t have a twitter account but you can find me as one of Tara’s FB friends. I’d rather not put my email addy, publically, here. Does that make sense?

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