On Relationships…and bleeding a little

This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever written for me. I fell in love with Brian many times throughout our (too short) relationship…this was one of those times.



TS Elliot 1Hemingway 1

With those thoughtful pieces of advice in mind, let’s bleed…but just a little.

Last year, a woman I loved and adored, abruptly left me. I spent four years with someone who, I’m quite embarrassed to now admit, never really let me into her life. Ouch, that hurt to write. Aside from a final few obscure texts, she simply silently bolted. I will most likely never know how someone that I trusted, could so swiftly and coldly toss me away. With no exaggeration, I’ve had first dates that were terminated with greater compassion and grace shown towards me. There is some solace in knowing I am not the only one on this planet to experience this, nor will I be the last, sadly. Such is Life.

In my 46 years, it is without a doubt the most hurtful thing anyone has ever done to me.

I have a saintly team of…

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