October 19th is not that far away.

Election Time in Canada

How they twist and turn,
Big slimy fish in a tiny puddle
their long tongues wagging side to side
lies, lies, lies-
like lilies they appear, virgins in white
Lubricated smiles with veneer promises

believe – trust – submit
hands grasp your arm with conviction
eyes lock onto yours
you can always tell by the shine
deception is brilliant

Secrets locked away
bright copper pennies that
are stuffed into fat piggy banks
they will draw them out
a plethora of decadent daydreams
smashing the plaster swine

One at a time
they are tossed into your lap,
trying to capture your support
feigning aplomb,
pretending you are

What you think matters,
for about five minutes
then it’s on to the next

We eat them up-
those tasty campaign promises
we serve them with butter, a
dash of salt for prosperity
swill it down with expensive
believing all will be well

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