1. the imparting or exchanging of information or news
  2.  direct communication between the two countries will produce greater understanding”means of connection between people or places, in particular.


Why, at times, can it be so difficult to speak to each other? People can be so protective of their ideas and idealisms. We will covet them; keep them safe from scrutiny and questioning for fear of possible invalidation.

So what?

So what if we’re challenged? So what if someone questions our way of doing things and wants to understand our reasoning behind our decisions? Is it the end of the world? No. It’s the beginning of expanding our conscious decisions.

Yet, we get upset and feel scrutinized when asked to explain why we do the things we do. We do this even if it’s a loved one asking out of concern. We get defensive and pissy because …gee…what if we haven’t been making the best choices, after all?

Nobody likes being out of their comfort zone but it helps us expand, gets us out of our little box and makes us re-think, when we do. Perhaps our original decision is the correct one and that’s the conclusion we’ve come to. But in the process of even that, we still managed to gain a new perspective on the way we do things.

It doesn’t have to be an argument. It doesn’t have to be aggressive and accusing. It need only be open for discussion – communication. When we shut down and refuse to ‘talk about it’ – we’re sending a clear message: I don’t want to have to defend my belief and I’m afraid you’ll show me a reason to question it.

Again, so what?

I think we should question the way we think and do things, constantly. It keeps us honest with ourselves.

If people question you, if they ask why you do the things you do – tell them why. No one can MAKE you change. You’re still in control. It isn’t necessarily a justification but sometimes merely a need to understand because of valid concerns.

If such concerns are laid to rest, well then, the exchange of communication has been successful.

We are still not out of the woods

“We are communicating better but we are still not out of the woods.”

2 responses to “Communication

  1. I can tell you that I won’t explain myself with certain people because I find that they counter for the sake of countering. But then that brings up the point in itself as to whether or not my position was correct in the first place – or whether or not my process was sound. I think that there are some situations where I have the luxury of doing this but there are some situations (and with people) that I don’t. Sometimes, making a decision to me is a snap judgement that I’d rather not revisit and take away from being in the present.

    I have looked at your blog several times in the past few weeks and you are a thoughtful and honest writer. I hope you haven’t stopped blogging.

    • Thank you for the comment! I believe all of us are choosy in allowing others to question our decisions and POV. But, should we be? What have we got to lose except a bit of our time to possibly gain a new perspective? At the end of the day, we can always choose not to agree and keep it at that. 🙂

      I’m still blogging; life sometimes gets in the way. 😉

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