Changing Course

I deal with so many companies that are scary disorganized, have lower productivity due to outdated procedures or worse…no procedures at all. You can’t believe how many times I hear: that’s too big a learning curve for us, we can’t adapt to change, yes, we don’t have any standardization but we’ve been doing this for so long that it’s adequate.

Really? All you want to be is…adequate? That’s it? That’s your company goal?

You should deal with ABC Company because we’re really awesome at being adequate!

That’s pathetic. How the hell are you still managing to stay in business? I think with pure luck and by the Grace of God.

But even God gets fed up and luck runs out, eventually.

While I can make a minimal a difference as a sales gal (even if my products will help improve everything) –perhaps I’m attacking this at the wrong juncture?

It’s mindset that needs to change long before software will. One needs to start with belief and work from there. If you believe you can’t change (even if it will benefit you), you won’t. If you are scared of change, one needs only to shine a light on the darkness that you think you’re living in to show you a safe and easy route. If you’re too lazy to change,there is no hope for you and you should either retire and go fishing or go and work at some mindless job where you don’t have to think.

In essence, are you a quitter or are you a mover and shaker? Now, I don’t measure success in how much $$ you have or how many great and wonderful things you have. That is irrelevant to making a positive difference and taking yourself (or your company) from A to Z. This involves a great deal of things but mostly, it involves mindset and then commitment.

This is why I’ve decided that I really need to be trained on how to be a Life Coach. Not specifically to help companies…but to start small with individuals and build from there.

It only takes one domino to tip the point and all the others will follow. If you’re not on the right path, it’s time to change direction and adjust your headings.

domino with hand


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