I’ve Been Blogging for 6 Years

Yes! Six!

Where, oh where, has the time gone? Now, I will admit I took a little hiatus for a year or so, but when I realized my blog name wasn’t sold (they do that when you go off of their paid plan…) I got right back to it!

Oddly (or not) I started re-blogging shortly after I met Brian. See, ‘he’ had a blog and I wondered if mine was still around. Well, low and behold (during a texting conversation, one morning) I found it!

The rest is history.

I’d like to send a warm and grateful thank you to all of my followers, commenters and like’ers. I appreciate you more than you know. It’s been a long 6-years! I’ve been through a lot of growth and some really difficult times.

Things are going to change up, pretty soon. I’ll be launching a website with my services, come next early spring, and will most likely start a new blog that’s more related to what I do. That said, I suspect I’ll still keep this one going. 🙂

Thank you, all, again. It’s been one hell of an adventure. Let’s get back on this ride called life and carry on having a blast!

Carrie~ xo


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