Do You Ever Dream?

You know…I catch glimpses of my nighttime (and early morning) unconscious adventures. They are like pale shadows rushing by. It’s as if they are in a hurry to get somewhere. I have so many of the same dreams or ones that happen in the same made-up place. It’s familiar to me; like scents left over from childhood. All those fleeting colours wrapped up with a pretty bow. I can still taste the tastes of those faraway places.

I’d chase those shadows if I could, reach out and pull them into a tender embrace. The feeling is good when I’m there and so very like home, yet…not home. They catch me off-guard: in the shower, in-between chores and whenever I’m not specifically focused on anything.

It’s like an elusive butterfly sneaking into your peripheral vision. You turn quickly to see it in full, but it’s already gone.

Tonight I’ll return to that place, I’m sure… I do wonder what I’m doing there.

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