Online Dating: When They Get Nasty

Sometimes, even when you try and let them down easy…people get nasty. It hasn’t happened to me for a while but I knew, eventually, it would. I could have simply ignored this fellow, blocked him, and gotten on with things. I chose to take the high road telling them that I didn’t think (after several back and forth emails spread over two-weeks) that we had made a connection. I then wished him well in his search.

He didn’t seem to be the smartest cookie in the jar to begin with and did what a lot of emotionally insecure people do: immediately retort back with an insult, making silly typos as he pounded at the keyboard, clearly pissed off at the rejection.

I had a laugh…blocked him and life goes on.

It’s a slippery slope as when this occurs I’m tempted to just start being a snot and ignoring people when I’m getting bored with them. However, I’m a lady and I know what it’s like to be ignored just because someone can’t find the decency to tell me they’re not interested any longer.

My advice is to stay the course and be considerate with everyone; it’s just good energy and Karma.


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