We all dream whether we remember our dreams or not. Some dreams are silly and evidence of our minds re-enacting our daily worries, happenings and whatnot. They may be mundane work dreams or they may be twisted work dreams with all sorts of past jobs, managers and a piece of spacecraft debris (direct and still burning hot from outer space), thrown in…just for fun, mind you.

I tend to have the latter dreams. The ones where you wake up and think: WTF was THAT all about?!

I’ve had repetitive dreams that make me wonder if there’s a message in there, somewhere, and I’m meant to interpret it. I’ve had dreams so vivid, I’ve woken up and not remembered who I was or where I was for a split second. Then, of course, it all comes rushing back to me.

Oh, yeah…this is who I am and damn it, I gotta get my ass outta bed and get ready for work.

But for a little bit, I was someone else, living a very different life and it felt very real. I’m about to get all Vanilla Sky on you so hang on tight.

What if…we go somewhere else when we dream? And by that I mean: our souls, our essence or consciousness. What if this world is really a hologram and we’re something much bigger than we can imagine? I’m not the only one who thinks this way, so stop rolling your eyes.

Really. Stop.

I bet if I polled my readers about half of you have had reoccurring dreams (or at least one) that you’ve had for several years; maybe you even had them when you were a child and they still make a guest appearance, now and then. I bet many of you have even had precognitive dreams. You know, the ones where you dreamt something was going to happen and then “Voila!” it actually DID.

Yes, those are a bit creepy and no one likes to talk about those in public – but it’s safe in here; I won’t tell if you won’t tell.

There are tons of books about dream analysis and tons of different opinions as to what it all means. Personally, I think only WE know. The answer is within us and only us as dreams are based on our thoughts, feelings and possible alternate world adventures.

You’re doing it again. The eye rolling.

You either believe we have a soul, or you don’t. If you don’t, you may want to stop reading. In fact, you may already have. I’m going with the good possibility that we all have one and that life goes on after bodily death. That’s just my belief; you’re welcome to have your own.

Think about it, though. Think about all those bizarre dreams you’ve had in your life where you thought: “Wow, what if there is something else to this other than just random thoughts all mixed up in my head?”

Even if you’re poo-pooing this entire blog post, I know you’ve thought about it. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. Or, maybe you’re just really boring and have no imagination. Either way, you would have thought about it once or twice before dismissing it entirely.

I think; therefore I am.

I dream really weird dreams, therefore I am…more than I thought I was?

I could go on and on about my bizarre nighttime tales I have in my sleep, but I’m more interested in yours. How often do you dream you can fly? How many re-occurring themed dreams do you have and how often do you have them? When you do, is there something significant going on in your life that occurs after this dream?

I wonder. If we could line up all of our dreams and stick them into categorical boxes; how many dreams would be entirely unique and have a theme that no one else has? Or, would there be any?

What percentage of people have had a prophetic dream?

Can we really determine any meaning from our dreams? Do we even care to? Do your dreams affect you in any way and do you remember them well into the day?

What if this life is really the DREAM and occasionally we catch a glimpse of our real selves looking back at us?

Think on that.


2 responses to “Dreams

  1. i’m so glad someone wrote about this. i like to think that our dreams (or even momentary lapses in unconsciousness) represent some type of sudden violent wave where the fabric of our present soul & consciousness accidentally intertwines with a parallel soul & consciousness in some other space/time of existence.

    either way, we’ll all find out sooner or later. it is both scary and energizing.

    • That’s an interesting way of putting it. 😉

      Do you believe in the New Age term: Higher Self? Perhaps our earth consciousness simply wanders home, for a bit, where there is no time and the space is infinite and undefinable in human terms/understanding.

      I suspect we are much greater than the sum of all our parts. One day, we’ll find out for sure.

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