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I realized that as Bri is no longer with us…he wouldn’t be updating his WordPress account and thus…it’s changed back to a free account.

I’ve linked a few posts to his site and you can’t access them as they are.


If you’re curious about the late, great Bri, this is his blog:

He was a very talented (genius, I’m told) trend trader as well as a loving p/t dad to a fur kid named: Baxter the basset hound. He was also a plumber, incredible friend, much loved boy-friend and mentor to many.

As well, he was quite the talented writer (one of the many reasons I was crazy about him).

Happy reading. 🙂

Brian with his two favourite things, a cigar and a glass of scotch.IMG_0367

3 responses to “Brian’s Blog

  1. I actually found you through Brian.

    I had been following him for a few months as we both do the same type of work.

    when he stopped updating in May, I thought he just decided to take some type of a sabbatical. but after about three months, i had gotten curious and decided to see if he had been commenting on other sites.

    during this time, i saw his older posts – particularly about the one with his ex which resonated with me.

    maybe it was some type of cosmic intuition but I had an unexplainable feeling that something had happened from the last time he posted up to when I was going through his list of blog likers. it was after seeing your posts that i put two and two together. i had a pint in his honor.

    from his writings, i saw a decent and honest human being. i only have my thoughts as to why he may have done what he did so i won’t pretend to understand his motives, but i was genuinely saddened to see such a good person leave like that. for what it’s worth, i like to think of myself as a good judge of character and as much as I would have liked to compliment Brian on being a genuine and thoughtful person (i was just kind of lurking around wordpress at the time, and was – regretfully – too lazy to comment), I’ll extend those compliments for you and for any members of his family & friends that read your site.

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